8 young artists from 2 cultural centres – P60 (NL), NOASS (LV) performed in a live show in each venue, using audio-video expressions and collecting material inspired from the 2 exchanges, between June and September 2010. After one month of communication in an internet platform, 3 international groups are created to work on the setting theme of the project: Water as a element of the nature and Water embedded in sinking cities reflection. The next step was to visit Riga and Amstelveen, making researches on local environment and producing audiovisual works for the final presentations.

Together with Monica Aggio we were curating,managing and organising the project. Partners P60, NL, and NOASS, LV. The project was supported by European Comisson, Gemeente Amstelveen, Trans European Halles, A rezidences, Betanovuss, Changing Room project and VKN.