Made for the exhibition in Lisbon,Portugal in Eropean Space gallery. The exhibition was curated by me and Latvian Embassy in Portugal.

2 countries, 2 cities, 2 destination points, 2 ways, 2 foots, 2 videos, 2 viewpoints, 2 interpretations
In the video at right you can see my way from my place in Lisbon to the European Public space, it takes 14.40 min.
It is magic and hypnotising road, the essence of symbolic way to this event. In other video are the videos that were made by my friends in Latvia. I asked them to fix their way to somewhere. The first person chose quite conceptual way — he does not really move to another destination point but plays with the moving and also rotates around his own axis. The other guy made a stop motion animation. His way was from his place near the forest to the city centre. The last one – an architect shot his way inside the room with a cell phone.

Made in 2009.